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A “not too horrible” general gaming podcast in production for more years than we care to admit.

Dice are our vice.

May 31, 2014

Dan Yarrington of Game Salute is in the 3rd chair!!

As many of you know, Game Salute has been helping designers get their boardgamers published via Kickstarter for many years now.  Who better to walk us down the Kickstarter memory lane.  How has the boardgame publishing via Kickstarter evolved over the years?


May 23, 2014

Dan Yarrington of Game Salute joins us to discuss how a board game goes from concept to store shelves.

May 9, 2014

Andrew "Hacksaw" Hartland, famed Press Ganger and event organizer is in the third chair!

First Andrew fills us in on his latest effort: Captain Con. Why a new con? What makes it different? What's it like to start one?  

Later Craig, Russ and Andrew talk Adepticon 2014 with detailed thoughts on the games they played...