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Shout Outs: Be a Part of the Show

Mar 18, 2011

Shout Out Rule: 140 Character Limit!

The D6 Generation shout outs area a way that we can let folks who support the show be a part of it at the same time. About a week before a new episode airs we'll reach out to our patrons at the "3+ Level" or higher and ask for shout outs!

Want to smack talk a friend?  No problem.  Wish someone a happy birthday?  Sure.  Promote an event or club? Perfect.   Even give props to your favorite store or company!

The only rules are that it has to be family friendly (PG-13), short (140 character limit), and we do reserve the right to proof your 'shout out' and recommend changes if it is inappropriate for the show.

Any of our "3+ Level" patrons can respond with a shout out to the request, and the first 5 to do so will be used in the show.  The hosts will assign the shout outs to the various segments with them (Rapid Fire, Achievements, Total Fan Girl, The News, and DYEN).  If more that 5 "3+ Level" patrons submit quickly, we'll rotate so everyone can get a chance. 

For full details on how to become a patron of the show and get into the shout out pool visit:

The D6G Patreon Page