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A “not too horrible” general gaming podcast in production for more years than we care to admit.

Dice are our vice.

Feb 29, 2012

This episode we're joined by Dan Yarrington in the third chair. Dan is the owner of Myriad Games and the driving force behind Game Salute and has over ten years of experience in the game industry.

Up first, we go over what we'd like the to see the game industry do to make our games and gaming experiences better.

Feb 21, 2012

In this episode Dan Yarrington of Myriad Games joins Craig and Russ to have a book club style discussion about The Hunger Games. Warning, here be spoilers. Arrgh.

Feb 16, 2012

This episode we squeeze two folks into the third chair: Cody Jones and John Richard from the beloved podcast Game On with Cody and John, the uncommon podcast for the common gamer.

First up is we cover "Where are they now?" the 2010 edition. The four of us take a look at the games we reviewed back in 2010 on both...

Feb 8, 2012

Cody and John, from the Game On w/ Cody and John Podcast join Russ and Craig to discuss which board games you should look at when taking your first plunge into hobby gaming.