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A “not too horrible” general gaming podcast in production for more years than we care to admit.

Dice are our vice.

Dec 31, 2013

When we discovered that Christopher Weuve was not only a former Naval Warfare college professor and a gamer, but also an expert on alien spacecraft...we just HAD to get him on the show.  Imaging our excitment when he also managed to reach out and squeeze Chris Carlson, one of the minds behind the classic game "Harpoon,"...

Dec 22, 2013

What elements of today's 'wet navies' make sense in space? Christopher Weuve, former Naval Warfare college professor, joins Craig and Russ to speculate on this sci-fi nerd topic!

Dec 14, 2013

Luke Retallack, host of the World's End Radio podccast, brings his expert miniature knowledge back to the show from down under!

Up first we discuss the various aspects of miniature war gaming, what we look for, and which company does it best.  Who, in our opinion, has the best skirmish game? The best vehicles? The...

Dec 5, 2013

Luke Retallack of World End Radio joins us to talk about comic book movies.  Specifically: Which are the best EVAR?!?

Nov 23, 2013

Stephen Buonocore, the man behind Stronghold Games, returns to the third chair.

Up first Stephen gives us the details on what it takes to prepare for an major event like Essen, and how it differs from a smaller event such at BGG con.

Later we explore the depths of Dungeon Roll.  First by picking some winners for our...