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A “not too horrible” general gaming podcast in production for more years than we care to admit.

Dice are our vice.

Jun 22, 2016

Ross Watson, RPG writer about town, is back in the third chair!

We catch up with Ross on his latest project, Savage Rifts: Adapting the classic Rifts RPG into the Savage Worlds system.  How did the Kickstarter end up? Where is the project now and what can we look forward to?

Later we dive into a DM'ing tips and tricks session when Russ tries to create a new term: "The Tactical Narrative."  What the heck is that and why should you try to make one as a game master?

All that plus: 

- Total Fan Girl
- Do You Ever Notice
- App of the Ep
-  & More

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 ==Quick Reference==

App of the Ep: 42 min - War room 2

Savage Rifts: 51 min 

Total Fan Girl: 1 hr 21 min

DMing the Tactical Narrative:  1 hr 27 min


 Links Discussed in the show:

Craig's Blog:

Russ's Blog:

Total Fan Girl Blog: Link

Dice Tower Network: Link