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A “not too horrible” general gaming podcast in production for more years than we care to admit.

Dice are our vice.

Mar 23, 2010

Cryptology, patents, Warmachine Mk 2 and even the CIA all get discussed this episode!  Yep, we're not sure how that happened either.

First up, patents: how do they work and why do you need them?  We had such a great response to our show about Trademarks we asked Romeo from Battlefoam to come on and talk about the how's and why's of patenting something like a fancy pants laser system to cut foam.

Later Total Fan Girl chats with Elonka Dunin, a world renown expert on cryptology who has done work for the CIA!!  But more importantly, she's a gamer.

Finally, the D6G team takes a hard look at Warmachine Mark 2.  The book has been out a couple months now, Force books are on the streets, and the boys have played more than a few games.  Is it everything we hoped for?

Oh, and listen close to the beginning of the show for news about a new product from our friends at Lone Wolf Development!!

 All that and our usual 'not too horrible' humor, with features such as:

  • The Hollywood Minute  
  • Rapid Fire
  • What's in the News
  • Total Fan Girl
  • Inside Scoop
  • & More

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 ==Quick Reference==

The News:  47 min

Patent's with Romeo: 52 min

Hollywood Minute: 1hr 46 min

Total Fan Girl: 1hr 54 min

Inside Scoop: 2 hr 10 min

Warmachine Mark II: 2 hr 15 min


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